Please and Thank You

Hey guys, It’s Molly

I just wanted to break the fourth wall for a second and tell you all how FULL my heart has been these past few weeks from seeing PureDisciple “liked” and shared more than ever in its short little life. Of course, it’s not really me talking, but God through me. You can think of me as a dull pencil whose lead keeps breaking 🙂

Even with a servant like me, He is Good. And by calling me into writing, He’s allowed me witness how the word truly does not return to Him empty, but is sent forth and goes where it needs to go.

Writing is hard. Writing a blog is harder in a way, because you can’t really tell how your post is passed along through the vast waves of the Internet. I hope my endeavors are encouraging you, as your support encourages me.

I’m always looking for new material to deliver. If you don’t mind, would you take 1 minute and answer my 1 question survey? I’d love to know what sort of posts you like and it will help me immensely.


Let’s continue to build each other up as approved workers for God’s kingdom.

Thank you so much!

Love, Molly


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